Number Of Datastreams Per Object vs Ingest Time


  • 10,000 digital objects generated
  • each object gets an additional datastream, so that n=1 has 1 datastream and n=10,000 has 10,000 datastreams
  • datastreams are inline (CONTROL_GROUP="X"), active and versionable
  • datastreams do not have content except one (mandatory) element
The following xml snippet shows one generated datastream
<foxml:datastream CONTROL_GROUP="X" ID="escidoc.2" STATE="A" VERSIONABLE="true">
 <foxml:datastreamVersion ID="escidoc.2dsid" LABEL="my label" MIMETYPE="text/xml">

The ingest finished without problems, showing that it is possible to ingest objects with a number of inline d datastreams as high as 10000. Another observation is the increase in ingest time which seems to become superlinear over time. The images below show the outcome of the test run.

Maximum Number Of Versions


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