What To Measure


  • How many datastreams can an object have ? Is there a limit ? If so, how does it manifest itself ?
  • Which Triplestore is the fastest and most suitable for which use case ? Is there an upper limit regarding number of triples or load to a triplestore ?
  • What is the impact of external factors like Hardware, Operating System, Java Version, etc.. ?
  • Is it possible to derive a recommendation for components (like type of Database, TripleStore) in relation to the use case?
  • Is it possible to derive a recommendation for hardware?
  • What are the bottlenecks in Fedora ?
  • Are there hidden limitations ?


  • What are the different phases of an ingest, how can it be broken down, how much time does each phase cost (see: here)?
  • Does the ingest time per object remain constant even for millions of objects ? If not, what are the necessary conditions for linear ingest times and how can they be maintained ?
  • Is it be possible to parallelize ingests using several instances of Fedora ?
  • ...

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